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Kid From Yesterday

Crimson Feather
13 January 1978
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I want to be a vampire.
They're the coolest monsters.

Congratulations! You've found the journal of Crimson Feather.

Known better to her friends as Anya, she is a 30 something blogger who lives in England. She's been blogging for the past few years and has recently trained to be a hair dresser. Born and brought up in middle England, she is an anarchist at heart. Always votes for the Monster Raving Looney Party at Elections.

She believes in free love and free cookies. It should go without saying she hates homophobia, racism, sexism and a whole lot of other 'isms'.

She would label herself as a 'Goth who forgot how to Goth', whatever that means. All she knows is she doesn't really care what you think about the way she looks. She just likes it.

So if you want come along for the ride, this journal is mostly unlocked and comments are always welcome.

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